Automated testing is the process of performing the testing activities with the use of automated tools. Automated testing helps in reducing the testing time providing accuracy in the test execution. Automated testing can only be done on previously written scripts. Therefore manual testing should be thoroughly done at least once  before using automated tools. 

Here am talking about the different tools available for functional testing which are widely used by the industry. 

QTP :  This is from HP and widely used license tool. 

Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool that allows the automation of user actions on a web or client based computer application. 
It is primarily used for functional regression test automation. QTP uses a scripting language built on top of VBScript to specify the test procedure, and to manipulate the objects and controls of the application under test.

QTP supports almost all popular technologies such as .Net,Java,Mainframes,Multimedia, SAP all modules, Siebel, People soft etc..

Selenium : This is from ThoughWorks and open source tool.

Selenium automates browsers. Primarily it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that. Boring web-based administration tasks can also be automated as well.
Selenium has the support of some of the largest browser vendors who have taken (or are taking) steps to make Selenium a native part of their browser. It is also the core technology in countless other browser automation tools, APIs and frameworks. And be useful for browser based regression automation. ( Source : Thought works )

TestComplete : This is from AutomatedQA and license tool
TestComplete is an automated testing tool, developed by SmartBear Software which aims to allow testers to create software quality tests. Tests can be recorded, manually scripted or created manually with keyword operations and used for automated playback and error logging.
TestComplete is used for testing many different application types including Web, Windows, WPF, HTML5, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, .NET and Java. It automates front-end UI/functional testing and back-end testing like database testing. (Source : WIKi)
TestComplete supports 5 scripting languages given below and user can use based on his/her expertise.
Delphi Script
C++ Script
C# Script

Rational Robot : This is from IBM and license tool
Rational Robot is an automated functional, regression testing tool for automating Windows, Java, IE and ERP applications under windows platform.  Rational Robot provides test cases for common objects such as menus, lists, bitmaps and specialized test cases for objects specific to the development environment. It also supports UI technologies like Java, the Web, all VS.NET controls, Oracle Forms, Delphi and Sybase Power Builder applications.

I gave few of the popular tools above (we have so many tools in the industry) and in this blog we will discuss in detail about QTP and TestComplete tools.

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