QA training

I will provide online training in end to end Quality assurance and Software testing. I also offer corporate and 1*1 personal online training with the customization of topics of your choice in the most reasonable price .

Available Course details :

Manual Testing
Automation testing with UFT/QTP 10
Mobile App testing
Mobile App Automation testing ( See Test, Robotium)
Soap UI training
Quality Center

Feel free get in touch with me for any training related enquiries.

Mail :
Phone : +91-9902859933


  1. It was so nice article.I was really satisified by seeing this article and we are also giving QA online training.The QA online training is one of the best QA online training institute in USA.

  2. Thanks for Information Quality Assurance is the systematic process to check whether the product developed from the company is perfect and meeting the requirements specified for the product. This Quality Assurance was introduced in World War II when the weapons used were inspected and tested after manufacturing, but now the situation have changed and every company is following the advanced technologies for quality and most of the companies will have a separate department for the Quality testing.QA Online Training


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