Can you imagine a day without mobile phones? Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. Just like Personal Computers, mobile devices have become the “Game Changer” in technical area. Mobile Application Testing is a process by which application software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency. The application can be pre-installed or can be installed from mobile application software platform like iTunes, Google Play etc… With so many applications in the market today, the quality of the application brought out can make or break the product or business completely.

Like other Software Application, there would be Functional Testing, Memory Leak Testing, Performance Testing, Usability Testing which is applicable for Mobile Application Testing also. The Key Challenges in Mobile Application Testing are :-
  • Covering variety of Mobile Devices
  • Testing in different screen sizes and display resolutions
  • Data Input Method
  • Data Usage
  • Diversity in Mobile Platforms
  • Mobile Network Operators
Along with the Manual Testing, we can also Automate testing in mobile applications. Various automation tools available in the market. Some of the popular tools used to Automate Mobile Testing are EggPlant, Monkey Talk, SeeTest and Selenium - Robotium.

Due to lack of device shortage, a lot of simulators are also available for mobile testing. We do not have to purchase a new device with every new update or new device launch. Testers can also select different carriers. Some of the most commonly used Remote Desktop Access (RDA) services are Device Anywhere, Perfecto Mobile and Nokia RDA.

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