Thursday, 3 December 2015

Types of Mobile applications : 

We have 3 types of mobile applications and given below
i.                     Native
ii.                    Hybrid
iii.                  Mobile Web
A native app is an app for a certain mobile device (Android, iOS, etc.). A native app can be used only for its specific platform. For e.g., an android app cannot be run on an iPhone and vice versa.
These apps are built using the native programming language.  Which means developers will use native programming languages to develop these applications.
Java is the native programming language for Android and Objective C is for iOS platform.
Advantages of Native:
·         No Portability
·         Heavy graphics and rich user interfaces can be implemented as it is
·         Access to all the device features such as calling, network etc..
·         We will use this Native for Games , Consumer focused applications
·         More development time
·         More Maintenance time

Now a day’s many companies are showing interest with this type of applications.
A hybrid application is built using web technology and then used for the specific platform. A hybrid app is developed in combination with HTML 5 and native programming language.
Developers can use same HTML5 part across the platform and the native part separately for each platform and these will have full access to device.
Hybrid apps give developer’s access to the necessary APIs when needed.
·         Less development time compared to native
·         Easy to extend the app to new platforms
·         Access to all the device features such as calling, network etc..
·         User experience is less compared to Native

Mobile Web:
Web based apps are Internet-enabled apps that have specific functionality for mobile devices. They are accessed through the mobile device web browser
A website build using HTML5,CSS3 etc.. And can be accessed through a mobile browser is called web app. We can open this mobile website in any platform.
·         Less time to develop the application
·         Application can be accessed from any platform
·         Partial access to mobile device features

·         User experience is very less compared to native or hybrid

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