Tuesday, 27 August 2013

QTP 11.0 most useful New Features

1. Test GUI and Non GUI application in one test :

Since the HP service test 11.0 is integrated with QTP, user can test the GUI and non GUI application in a single test.

2. Enhanced HP Run Results Viewer :

The new improved results viewer provides the executive summary page with the summary data, pie charts and interesting statistics

3. Automatically parameterizing the steps :

Now we can the multiple sets of data for the scenarios automatically though recording

4. Web 2.0 Toolkit Applications Support : 

QuickTest 11.00 provides Web Add-in Extensibility-based add-ins for ASP .NET Ajax, GWT, Yahoo UI, and Dojo Web 2.0 toolkits

5. Recording support for Firefox :

QTP 11.0 supports recording support for Firefox

6. Silverlight Add-in :

To test objects in Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 applications. (After installation, Silverlight Add-in is displayed in the Add-in Manager under the WPF Add-in)

7. Regular Expressions help :

Regular expressions evaluator is available in QTP 11.0 . This is similar to "reg ex " in earlier versions and in QTP 11.0 we can create this with the help of syntax hints.

8. Visual Relational Identifier : 

This overcome the object identification challenges. This will help to identify the object with relation to other objects. This is to identify application objects based on other objects that always near.
A visual relation identifier is a set of definitions that enable you to identify the object in the application according its neighboring objects in the application. User can select neighboring objects that will maintain the same relative location to your object, even if the UI design changes to the application.

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