Monday, 2 September 2013

QTP 11.5 Most Useful New Features

This is latest version of QTP and the latest version will called as HP QTP 11.5 or HP UFT 11.5. Below are the new features for it.

1. Unified Functional Testing = Quick Test Professional (QTP) + Service Test (ST) . This UFT has been done to serve the end to end testing needs. As QTP (UI tool) and Service test (API testing tool) is available in a single platform (UFT 11.5), can be used for end to end testing of the applications.

2. New updated IDE
    a. Multiple script debugging : Now supports to work with multiple tests at the same time with           new UFT IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
    b. Multiple actions editing : Now supports to work with multiple actions at the same time

3. Insight Recording : UFT added one more recording mode called Insight recording. This is basically to identify the  images (Image based objects identification).

4. Mobile Application testing support : With the help of HP UFT Mobile (earlier known as Mobile Cloud for QTP), mobile application scripts can be created and these scripts can be used across the platforms (example, iOS and Android). This mobile application testing is extended for both emulators and real devices.

5. Recording and play back support for different browsers :
    a. Recording and playback support for IE 9
    b. Recording and playback support for FireFox 4 to 10.0
    c. Limited support on Chrome (playback)

6. Checkpoint on PDF files : Now we can directly compare PDF files and run checkpoints on them

7. Use your SOAP UI tests in UFT (API testing)

8. HP UFT 11.5 supports open source Continuous Integration (CI) systems (Jenkins and Hudson)

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