Sunday, 10 November 2013

Automation testing - QTP interview questions

 1.     How to evaluate the automation tool/ selection criteria for the automation testing tool?

2. What are your responsibilities as part of automation testing?

3. Selection criteria of test cases to be automated?

4. What is automation testing process?

5. What is the framework you are using?

6. Brief about the framework?

7. What is current version of QTP? What are new features available in the current version?

8. Do u have experience in scripting?

9. Have you worked with descriptive programming?

10. Do you know what function is? How to write the library functions?

11. What is difference between child object and child items?

12. Advantages of descriptive programming.

13. What is parameterization and how to perform it in QTP?

14. Have you used environment variables?

15. How can you pass variables from one action to another action in the test?

16. What are benefits/disadvantages of test automation?

17. Brief about object identification/smart identification mechanism

18. One scenario: how to get the total number of weekdays between two dates.

19.How to handle the dynamic objects?

20. Have you worked with excel?

21. what is QTP AOM(automation object model)?

22. Write a simple script to connect to database/excel

23. Scenario: How to get total number of links in a page and wanted to click a specific link

24. Have you worked with check points?

25. What is difference between text/text area check points?

26. What is difference between image/bitmap check points?

27. How many data types are available in VBScript?

28. Have you worked with actions? And what is action?

29. What are all the challenges you faced with test automation?
30. If i give a new tool, are you ready to work with new tool and how much time do you required to start.

-         31. What is option explicit statement?

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