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Common interview questions

Common interview questions

Tell me about yourself?

I am Prasad G<Name>. I have completed my masters from <university name> in <specialization>. I have over <number of years> years of industry experience in software testing field, of which <number of years> years I have focused on automation. Over these years, my roles has varied from test analyst, automation Sr. Analyst and now started handling lead roles too. In these <number of years> years, I have worked in various domains like banking and finance, embedded systems and telecom.  On a personal note, I am married and settled with <my wife and 2 kids>. My hobbies are listing music and swimming and I also take part in social activities.

Tell me about the last project which you worked?

My last project dealt with one of the major multi-functional peripherals (MFP) based out of Japan (Toshiba). The project focused on testing the MFP functionalities via the use of plugin as well as directly using the MFP (hardware). The main modules that I have worked out in it were fax, printing, scanning, copying, email and paper size testing. The project also gave me exposure to testing in various operating systems like Mac, Windows (XP to servers), Linux etc… and various languages like Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish to name a few.

Tell me about your responsibilities in your earlier project?
While working for Toshiba MFP, I took ownership of 3 modules (Fax, email and copy). I was responsible for testing in all windows flavors. As a lead I came up with Test plan and strategy. Also contributed for reviewing the test cases, test setup preparations, bug tracking etc… The regression test cases of fax module was also successfully automated using QTP. I was also actively involved in collecting metrics like Test Case efficiency, Test Cycle Productivity, Coverage for the involved modules.

What motivates you at work?
Competition and new challenges. I thrive to learn new things.

If you do not have enough documentation, what would be your testing strategy?

If documents like BRD, SRS or HLD are not available, then the strategy would be to
-          Check for some expert opinion. The best way is to talk with developers and BSA
-          Getting knowledge on the earlier version of the application
-          Using Wireframe or screenshots
How will you test the font size of a website if you don’t have the access to the code?
e can do this by checking run time properties of the font size and comparing it with the expected. You can also use automation scripts to test it.

What is your greatest strength?

Taking challenges are how quickly I adapt to a new environment is my greatest strength.

Tell me about your weakness

I get much too involved in projects and thus, occasionally I forget standing personal commitments.

Why have you chosen this firm?

I always want to work in <mention the domain name> domain. The company <name of company> is best fit for me. I have done my research and found that it offers what I wanted to learn and I am pretty excited to work with it. This is the place where I believe where my skillsets can be utilized and developed. As much as I am excited to work with you, I also believe that I can contribute a lot to the firm too.

Tell me a situation where in your some approach gave you recognition

While working for Toshiba, and working with printer drivers, there is this big task ahead of us where in the team had to test if the printer can support multiple size papers (A1, A3, A4, ledger, legal etc…). Now the printer (MFP) also had many paper units. It will be highly impossible to test all the permutation combination with all the paper sizes and all the paper units.  I had undergone Lean testing technique and used the Orthogonal Array approach which ensure to pick the best cases so that testing coverage can also be met.

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