Thursday, 23 May 2013

For All those who want to venture into the world of Software Testing!

Testing is a one of the mail component of software development for guaranteeing the reliability and quality of the software.
This field provides lots of opportunities for both freshers and experienced individuals. Before you enter the field of software testing you need to gain thorough knowledge about the subject.
  • Get familiar with various terms used in Software Development life cycle.
  • Learn the different Software Development Methodologies.
  • Understand the various types of testing that can be put to practice.
  • Be organized. Always maintain a record of all your findings (Thats the reason we have so many Test deliverables :-)
  • Develop your analytical and technical skills Creativity is the key.
  • Testing is not about just finding defects. Be open to give suggestions which will help improve the quality of the product.
  • On a long run, finding defects will not suffice. Learn to troubleshoot to find out the reason why something does not work. (I know this is developers job, but as you progress your career in the field, you should be in a position to help out other team as well.)
  • Keep up with the latest tools and techniques. And last but not the least
  • Have people skills and maintain good relation with development Team J

So for all those who are taking their first step towards Software Testing as your profession, and would like to gain more knowledge on various concept you know where to come and knock the door! Please send me your queries through Contact Me tab.

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