Monday, 13 May 2013

Objective of test cases and pre-requisites to write the test cases

Following are the primary objectives of designing quality test cases.
  • Find defects.
  • Maximize bug count in the error prone areas of the product.
  • Help stake holders to make ‘Go’/ ‘No-go’ decisions
  • Minimize costs incurred due to defects found post production release.
  • Verify correctness of the product i.e. meets the specifications.
  • Control and assure quality of the product.
  • Ensure usability of the product.
  • Ensure security of the product from the end user perspective. 

Pre-requisites for test case design:

  • Through and careful study of the requirement specifications
  • Clear understanding of the design and implementation details
  • Analysis and identification of all possible scenarios
  • Identification of the test environment and test types
  • Have detailed information about related and affected areas of the requirement
  • Have clear understanding about the application behavior under failure conditions.
  • Refer to similar type of test cases from previous projects and try to reuse whenever possible.

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