Saturday, 4 May 2013

How to install the windows emulator and the application installation in the emulator

It is difficult to test the application in each and every physical device.
Hence we will use an emulator is a option to complete the task. Find the below steps to install windows emulator.

Step 1 : Open the below link 

You will find vm_web2.exe file in the page.

Step 2 : Download and execute the vm_web2.exe file. Follow the instructions provided while executing vm_web2.exe file.

In case if it ask VS2010 SP1, then use the below link to install it.

Step 3 : Install Zune Package software by using the below link. Download and run the exe file.

After installing all the required software by following the above steps,you can see windows phone sdk7.1
under Start ---> All Programs .
Thats it . Now you are ready to use your windows emulator .

Now we will learn how to install the application in windows emulator to test.

1. Start the Zune software in the computer
2. Open the application deployment tool which is available in the windows phone sdk7.1 folder (start --> All programs)
3. Browse for the XAP file (In windows, the application extension should be .xap)
4. Click on deploy button

Now your application is ready in the emulator and start testing the application. Happy testing :-)

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